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Reports from the Front

Why, hello August! Baby, you are looking *fine* today...


Someone at work today asked me if I knew about the Encyclopedia Brown series of books. I immediately responded, "*Know* them? I've *got* them!"

I further thought to myself, "I certainly ought to have heard about them; I spent half my childhood trying to emulate them." Not so much the solving-mysteries-before-dessert part, but rather the being-a-walking-dictionary part.

And then along came the internet and Wikipedia, and made all such aspirations as obsolete as typewriter repairman, slave trader, and dodo wrangler. Ah, well.

(Here I thought "dodo wrangler" would actually be a new phrase, but Google says otherwise. Something something nothing new under the sun something something...)


I've been watching old shows on MeTV lately, and you know what? I never really realized before how funny Hogan's Heroes is...and how odd a show it is.

Don't get me wrong--it's not earthshatteringly, groundbreakingly funny, either by modern standards or even by those at the time, I'd suspect. The plots are about as formulaic as the subject matter will admit, [sarcasm] not at *all* like the *superb* entertainment of today, [/sarcasm] but the writing is still pretty tight, and the timing of the actors is excellent--so excellent that I find myself laughing at a joke I should have seen coming a mile away, but didn't.

And yet, how in blue blazes did this show ever make it on the air? A prisoner-of-war camp in World War II, with bumbling, lovable Nazis? Klink's office has a picture of Hitler on the wall, without any graffiti or darts in it or anything. I wonder if it's ever been allowed to air in Germany, what with the truth-in-Nazism laws they have there.


1911 was a hundred years ago. In 1911, there was still a Russian empire, William Howard Taft was president, and the U.S. had forty-six states.


I haven't yet decided what I want to be when I grow up. I'm thirty years old. Is this a problem?

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program...or whatever crap the network was running when we interrupted. See you around, gang!
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