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Poetry Corner

Couldn't come up with anything interesting to write about, but I didn't want to walk away *yet again*, so I made something up. Hope you enjoy it.

How Lonely A Button

Here I am at the Lost and Found
Someone needs to claim me
Must've been dropped, no one around
Can't anybody name me?

Gentlemen, turn out your pockets
Ladies, check your purses
We hope to have this mystery solved
Within the next few verses

I'm sitting on the counter
Near an old, forgotten crutch
And jellybeans and magazines
And this and that and such

I've got no tag, return address
Or note tied on my belt
I only hope my absence now
Is somewhere keenly felt

And that the one I love will soon
Come running down the corridor
And pick me up, and take me to
The place that we were heading for

Until this happens, though, I guess
I must stay here and wait
I've run aground at the Lost and Found
My future's up to Fate.
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