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Poetry Corner, With A Prelude

The other day my mom asked me to identify a musical snippet she'd heard in a movie that was airing on Turner Classic Movies. I didn't know the name right off the bat, and early attempts to brute-force a solution using the GoogleTubes crapped out. So I went over to the piano and started tinkering with the tune and flipping through a few songbooks, seeing if any of that would jog my memory.

Next thing I know, I'm wondering why I'm hungry all of a sudden. I had been playing the piano for two hours, and had completely forgotten to eat lunch. I wish my powers of concentration were *uniformly* so developed.

(For those who are still wondering, I nailed down the piece the next day - Chopin's "Grande Valse Brilliante in E Flat Major." It's a pretty familiar tune, and no less pretty for being familiar.)

I'm not that bad at the piano, but I'm not great, either. I've been playing in some form or another for years - almost as long as I've worn glasses. It's undoubtedly a good thing that I got the glasses first, considering how young I was; if the order had been reversed, I'd probably only be able to play in C-sharp minor. [ducks]

Now that the obligatory corny joke is out of the way, on to the poetry. This one is full of little twists, but also one big one. (Kind of, anyway. I suppose it's a lot more obvious than I'd like it to be.) "Don't move until you see it..."

It also has a title, but I'm withholding it for now because it would give everything away at once. Anyway. Poetry follows in the next section.


Think hard, my child, upon my words;
Here is wisdom truly written.
Earlier worms avoid early birds;
Roquefort coaxes out the kitten.

Even odd days will appear
In every hero's prime;
So pass the trial with wit and cheer,
Not poetry sublime.

On second thought, forget all that;
Semicolons overload us!
Either I must change the meter,
Check the feet, or switch the modus.

Rather than repeat myself
(Easily though that might be done),
Think I'll try a different tack:
Mets beat Yankees, 4-1.

Enlightenment can still be found--
Satori is the best--
So long as you will search around
And check inside your vest.

Good job! You've made it through the fire and flames!
Enough of this. Go out, and play some games.

[Edited to fix a rotten typo that somehow slipped through my usual triple-checking. Serves me right for not reading backwards as well as forwards...]
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