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Reports from the Front

It is snowing tonight.

1)Negation of the first statement: It is not snowing tonight.

It will snow more tomorrow, if WeatherBug does not lie.

2)Negation of the second statement: WeatherBug does not lie, and (logical 'and'; English 'but') it will not snow more tomorrow.
3)Contrapositive of the second statement: If it does not snow more tomorrow, then WeatherBug lies.

Since the second statement and 3) have identical truth values (prove using truth tables), while the second statement and 2) have opposite truth values (by definition of negation), this implies that 2) and 3) have opposite truth values, and hence, exactly one of 2) and 3) will prove to be true.

Logic is nice and straightforward like that. Somehow, though, I doubt the snow cares.


Hmmph. Look at me, talking about the weather. I sound like somebody's grandpa.

I don't recall if I've mentioned this before, but I seem to have two basic mental states: some days I feel as though I'm fifteen years old, and some days I feel as though I'm seventy-five. Not physically, but in terms of perception. I think these are maybe the two best perspectives to maintain in life. Most everything is still new and ripe for scouting out when you're fifteen; when you're seventy-five, you get to say whatever you want and not give a damn what anybody else thinks. Both of these features can be put to pretty good use.


I tweaked my profile an hour ago, and added five more interests. See if you can pick 'em out.


I am desperately trying to work through my book backlog. Maybe if I spent more time reading the *books*, and less time reading Wikipedia articles, I'd make more headway on that. I'm down to the last two hundred pages in my current book, though, so that's something. Progress!


Last week I went shopping for a philosophy. It's been pretty rough going, particularly in finding something new and tailor-made; you wouldn't *believe* the number of crummy second-hand ones flooding the market these days. I thought I'd try Confucianism for a while, but I sent for the starter kit and, wouldn't you know it, all the instructions were in Chinese. Then I tried talking to Gorgias about solipsism, but, not believing I existed, he didn't answer my phone messages. I asked Socrates about his method, but I never got a straight answer out of him; the jerk kept asking me question after question of his own. That got old *real* fast. Eventually I put him in a hemlock and skedaddled. I never should have gone to ancient Greece in the first place, me being an agoraphobic and all.

Everyone I asked gave me the same old story: Sartre wouldn't start; Kant couldn't; Plato plateaued; Aristotle was just too mean.

The bottom line is that I didn't find a good match, after all that searching. As a temporary solution, I've adopted a smorgasbord approach: look at what's there, take whatever bits you like, and leave the rest of it. For the future, I just don't know.

I guess if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.
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