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Notes from the Ivory Tower

Is it safe to come down yet?

24 April 1981
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Most days, I believe that I exist.

The pursuit of knowledge is my life's quest:
1)Knowledge for its own sake.
2)Knowledge for the enlightenment of the self.
3)Knowledge for the betterment of humanity.

I do get sidetracked easily, however. My life is an amalgam of unfinished proj
1980's cable television, academia, aclu, al franken, alpha centauri, archimedes, astronomy, babylon 5, bakeries, baseball, benny hill, blank paper, blues, books, brainteasers, bread, calculators, carl sagan, cartoons, chemistry, chess, chicago cubs, civilization iv, classic rock, classical music, college radio, comedy, comparative religion, conan o'brien, constitutional law, copyright law, craig ferguson, cryptic crosswords, eccentrics, einstein, english history, euclid, eugene v. debs, euler, european union, evolution, first amendment, futurama, garrison keillor, gauss, geeks, george carlin, harry potter, illinois, in-jokes, internet flamewars, isaac asimov, j.s. bach, james randi, john philip sousa, johnny carson, jokes, kevin w. murphy, knowledge, kurt vonnegut, latin, libraries, logic, lord of the rings, marches, marx brothers, math groupies, mathematics, mel brooks, meteorology, microstates, monty python, movies, mozart, mst3k, music, national anthems, nerds, newspapers, noam chomsky, novelty music, number theory, obscure references, peter sellers, philosophy, physics, pianos, planet of the apes, politics, polkas, puns, puzzles, recluses, richard pryor, road trips, robert heinlein, saturday night live, scholars, science, science fiction, scotland, set theory, skepticism, sleep, socialism, spike jones, star trek, steve allen, sumo wrestling, teaching, the critic, the simpsons, theme songs, three stooges, trivia, truth, tubas, u.s. history, u.s. senate, u.s. supreme court, united nations, weird al, wikipedia, william poundstone, wizards, world domination